Kathleen Cavender is a fourth generation professional artist. Her great grandfather supported a family of twelve on his art in London during the late 1800s. His sketchbook became Kathleen's inspiration throughout her childhood. She recently visited London and  stood exactly where he created many of  the sketches that have strongly influenced her life. Several images from her various trips to Europe have begun to find their home on canvas and paper as well.

Kathleen's obvious love for light and color has caught the eye of many private and corporate collectors. Among them, Boeing Corporation, British Petroleum and the SAFECOŽ Insurance Company of America have added her work to their collections. A Washington State native, Kathleen Cavender's work has been exhibited in many Northwest galleries and art museums. She is currently represented by the Lorinda Knight Gallery and the Art @ Work Gallery in Spokane, Washington, the Grace Chosy Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin, and Art Source L.A. in Los Angeles, Monterey and Washington D.C.

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